Slide is a desktop background manager designed to collate and display new images based on your preferences. Slide can be configured to download images at regular intervals from a set of user controlled sources, and will then set those images as your desktop background at regular intervals, with filtering, resizing and positioning options that can be controlled per monitor.

Once you own Slide you really own it. Slide is entirely DRM free and cross platform capable, so one purchase allows you to install Slide on all of your desktop systems. You can also try Slide for free to make sure that it's right for you. Our one week trial requires no sign up, so download it now and give it a go!

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Live Updates

Slide updates your image collection with new images at regular intervals! This feature keeps your desktop background fresh, but if you see an image you really like you can always star it to keep it in the collection.

Multi Monitor Support

Slide automatically reads your monitor information and allows you to control how images are displayed on each monitor. Choose from advanced options such as showing different images on each monitor, or spanning a single image across all of them whilst taking into account pixel density, bezels and air gaps.

Image Filtering

Filters can be used to refine the list of images displayed by Slide. Only want images that exactly match the resolution of your monitor? Sure! Only show images that match the aspect ratio of your monitor and are either blue or green? Slide can do that too.

Control Image Sources

Slide offers a wide selection of curated sources, such as images of space or landscapes. If you want more advanced control you can manually input any local folder or Subreddit as a source or find images using Reddit search terms.

Image Collection Control

Any image in your collection can be starred or blacklisted quickly from the Slide system tray application. Blacklisted images will be ignored by Slide, and starred images can be set to be exclusively shown. Slide can be set to delete old images excluding starred images after a certain limit has been reached to control storage space used or set to stop downloading images and keep the current collection.

Cross Platform

Slide has been developed from the ground up as a cross platform application and all features work natively on Windows 10, macOS and Debian with Gnome.

Low Performance Impact

As developers we aware that as a background application the resources used by Slide should be as minimal as possible, and have ensured that it uses system resources responsibly. Background tasks performed by Slide can be paused if required to further reduce the impact of Slide on the operating system.